Dog and Cat Portraits by Diane Mastel


Our pets are well-loved family members. Think of all the pictures you’ve ever taken of your family–wouldn’t you want to add a beautiful pet portrait to that mix? A pet portrait that is custom made, that captures your pet in all her glory, that lets his unique personality shine through?

For the last 30 years, I’ve been painting high-end dog and cat portraits in watercolor and oils for clients. I love working with clients to customize a pet portrait that displays immediately what makes that pet so endearing, and such a well-loved member of your family.

Just send me some pictures of your dog or cat, tell me little bit about their personality, and I will create a beautiful custom pet portrait that will be something you will love and admire for years to come.

Others may see this custom pet portrait as something that brings an element of luxury and artistic sensibility to your home. But you will know the real reason you have this custom pet portrait–to be able to cherish the memory of your beloved pet for years to come.

“Sachi’s Cats”, oil on canvas.

The charming Yorkies, “Sweety and Sugar” oil on canvas.

“Woody and Goldie”, oil on canvas.


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My watercolor portraits are hand painted
on 100% cotton watercolor paper.
Double matted and ready for framing.
Visit my watercolor gallery to see a few of my past commissions.

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My oil portraits are all hand painted using the highest
quality fine art painting materials.
Visit my oil painting gallery to see a few of my past commissions.