About Diane Mastel

Diane Mastel is an award-winning fine artist with an eclectic flair. She “starred” in Hollywood, working with the great art directors of the day to create original poster art for the movie industry, for such hits as “The Natural,” “Supergirl,” “Sid and Nancy,” “Revolution”and the “Clan of the Cave Bear,” to name but a few.

• Diane took home the Hollywood Reporter 16th annual “Key Art Award” First Place award for best movie poster “Sid & Nancy” starring Gary Oldman, as well as International Advertising Festival of New York best poster “Sid and Nancy.”

• While working on movie posters and ads for CBS, NBC, Disney and MGM, Diane produced original oil paintings for movie and TV sets.

Her clients were captivated with her work, and sought her out to create original art for their own private residences. Diane’s inspiration came from Salvador Dali, Leonardo DaVinci and Peter Paul Rubens for their use of imagination and technical expertise.
“They did a lot of custom art for their clients and that’s always intrigued me, because you have to make something beautiful within certain parameters.”
 Her poster muse was the great Hollywood illustrator Howard Carriker.

Diane now lives in Fort Worth, Texas and creates custom oil and watercolor paintings for clients around the U.S.

Diane and Mr.Pibbs

How to get started on your custom pet portrait.

1 One of the first steps to take is to gather all the photos you like of your pet and decide which ones you like the best. Take as many additional photos as you want showing your pets’ face from different angles, so that I can be sure to capture their markings correctly. Taking your photos outside is usually the best. The natural light is so much better and shows the form and detail of your pet instead of indoors with a flash. Having a friend help you is even better, they can stand behind you holding a treat while you take the pictures. If your pet has passed away then of course send me what you have. Fill out the form on my contact me page and I will get back to you within 24 hours.

2 PAYMENT; Once I have all the photos we can collaborate on which one is perfect for the painting and decide on the size and price. Then I will require 50% deposit to make a mock up on my computer that I will email to you for your approval. Once the mock up is approved I will email you a final payment link, as I require full payment before starting the painting. I use Paypal as my payment gateway that accepts debit and credit cards. Or you can pay with a check if you prefer.

3 When I get started on your painting you will receive emails from me showing the progress on your painting. This way you can see the different stages of the painting as I go along and email me with your feedback. When the portrait is finished it is photographed and the image is emailed to you for your final approval. When the painting is shipped to you it will include a CD with the image of the finished painting.